Rebuilding My Home on the Web - Update #3: Ship It!

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Last week I hit the point where I felt pretty happy with where things stood, so I shipped the new version of the site to my primary domain! I let it run for a week and then decided to check it in PageSpeed Insights to gauge how successful I was with the changes.

Previously, this is where the page was sitting. Not super great perf wise. PageSpeed scores for old version of page: performance: 56, Accessibility: 96, Best Practices: 92, SEO: 100

And now with the new version its doing much better. A small bump in the A11y score to bring that to 100, and an even larger jump on performance. I attribute this mainly to not using the particle background anymore, but nevertheless I'm calling this a win! PageSpeed scores for new version of page: performance: 100, Accessibility: 100, Best Practices: 92, SEO: 100

There are a couple small tweaks I may make here and there, but for now I'm calling this done and starting prep for the next website - my resume.